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The SoundFX of Frontier First Encounters

Airopen4 sec130 kb
Bip1 sec34 kb
Bong1 sec48 kb
Boom3 sec 187 kb
Camera1 sec12 kb
Chime2 sec79 kb
Clunkit1 sec4 kb
Damage2 sec96 kb
ECM1 sec29 kb
Hype3 sec95 kb
Laser 11 sec9 kb
Laser 21 sec15 kb
Laser 31 sec10 kb
Laser 41 sec10 kb
Launch2 sec52 kb
Missexpl2 sec50 kb
NECM1 sec17 kb
Roar1 sec2 kb
Shipexp1 sec28 kb
Siren1 sec20 kb
Station1 sec17 kb
Wind2 sec57 kb
All [zip]34 sec670 kb213 kb
These are the original samples from the game.
These were converted using SampleE on the Amiga.

The RAW-sample format:22 khz - mono - Intel - signed

Play16 (zip) - to play the samples