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Welcome Commander,to the AmigaFFE Project

Amiga FFE Project ???

Well,in 1995,Frontier Developments announced an Amiga-Version to the sequel of Frontier Elite II on the Amiga after the problematical release of the PC-Version.
But,they stopped developing as soon,as they started.

In 2000 Alive Mediasoft announced,that they are intended to port the game to the Amiga.
They didn't.They stopped buiseness-activities because of problems with software piracy.
Quo Vadis,Amiga FFE. :-(

So I thought,"Man,I want to have this game on the Amiga !" and after I have seen the announcement of a release of the Sources of Frontier Elite II and Frontier First Encounters on the Eliteclub-Website,I was very happy with it.

Now it is 2001 (around 2 years since the announcement) and they still haven't released it,so I had the time to think about doing an Amiga-port of it by myself.

So I decided to do it and I'm learning C/C++ for now.

I know it could take much time to do it (especially for such a "rookie" like me) but...who cares really (I hope).

So thats the intention of the AmigaFFE project.

Thats for now,until the Sources are released.

In the meantime,I try to get an Amiga verson of Allegro library,which would be helpful to port the game and try to plan the project as good,as the porting process can start directly after the sourcecode-release.

If you think,"Hey,that sounds cool !" and you want to tell me this,or if you want to participate in the project,send me a mail.
Currently,I could need help for a Allegro-library port or a documentation,which Allegro library function means which Amiga-library function or something similar.This could make the port much easier.


Thanks for visiting this page.