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FE2-Protection CodesFrontier DevelopmentsGot permission for publication from Andrew Gillett (Frontier Dev.)
Soundtrack from FE2/FFEFrontier DevelopmentsCopyrightthings are currently checked by Frontier Dev.
Allegro-gaming libraryShawn Hargreavesfreely distributable
HexEditNicola Salmoriadistributable Shareware
Play 16Thomas WenzelFreeware
Elite-The New KindIan Bell/David Braben - Christian PinderFreeware
GMPlayAlessandro de Luca & Christian BuchnerFreeware
Warp3DHyperion Entertainmentfree to use, except for piracy...
WarpUpHaage & PartnerDon't know, just send a mail...
RTGMasterSteffen P. Häuserfree (as far as I know...)

Frontier/FFE/Frontier:First Encounters/Frontier Elite II/Frontier Developments are trademarks of Frontier Developments.

Elite may be a trademark of Ian Bell & David Braben.

All other is copyrighted by Michael Asse if not otherwise stated.

I'm not responsible for anything that is on the pages I linked to.

If there's any problem, in case of copyrights,etc., please get in contact with me immiediately (my mail adress is in the Contact-corner).
Otherwise, I don't care, if I hurt any laws with this page.

Michael Asse 24.10.2001