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The Soundtrack of Frontier First Encounters

This is the complete Soundtrack of Frontier First Encounters.
Some of this tracks were already presents in Frontier Elite II,thats why I splitted them up.
These midis are directly converted from the original FFE-Files into General Midis,with the help of HMP2MID.

The MP3 and DBM-Versions are not finished yet...

Frontier First Encounters
Atmosphere The Quality Quartet 3:43 26.5 kb    
Drama The Quality Quartet 3:20 32.6 kb    
Escape The Quality Quartet 3:20 15.7 kb   202 kb (lha)
First Encounters Theme The Quality Quartet 1:57 15.8 kb    
Alien Encounters The Quality Quartet 1:27 8.1 kb    
Paradise The Quality Quartet 2:28 17.6 kb    
Rock The Quality Quartet 2:21 40.4 kb    
Suspense The Quality Quartet 2:43 19.6 kb    
Travel The Quality Quartet 2:28 23.2 kb    
Alle[zip] The Quality Quartet 23:47 79 kb    

Frontier Elite II
Babayaga Mussorgsky 0:57 12.3 kb    
Night on the bare mountain Mussorgsky 2:36 35.4 kb    
Blue Danube Strauss 1:43 11.1 kb    
Great Gates of Kiev Mussorgsky 1:07 4.5 kb    
In the Hall of the Mountainking Grieg 2:03 17.7 kb    
Frontier Theme Dave Lowe 3:11 27.0 kb    
Frontier 2nd Theme Dave Lowe 2:46 25.8 kb    
Ride of the valkyries Wagner 2:37 24.9 kb    
Alle[zip] diverse 17:00 86 kb    

The complete Soundtrack of FFE in a Zipfile ! - 40:47min - 165kb

GmPlay (lha) Midiplayer for 4MB-Amigas
Gmplay 1(lha) GMPlay Pack #1 - for 8MB and more - Amigas
Gmplay 2(lha) GMPlay pack #2 - for 8MB and more - Amigas