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01.12.2001 Added docs for RTGMaster, W3D, WUP, some more infos and completed some minor stuff (internal). 03.11.2001 After many days of hardworking formatting for the Allegro-documentation, I've found a program in the source-distribution of Allegro, which does this completely for me with the included documentation :-\
Since today, Allegro-docu added...
30.10.2001 Since today officially online at Tripod again (Yieppieh :-)) )
Some of the reworked design is done by Antibike (big thanks).
The joblist is reworked, new explainations for the projectphases, my DBM-Version of Escape, new pages for the Amiga-Elite The New Kind Port, and so on...
25.10.2001 New version on new server:at tripod.
Got thrown out (cause of a script-failure they got), but finally got back again :-)))
11.09.2001 Complete rework of the homepage.Hopefully a little bit better now.
Also finished,the projectdefinition.
05.09.2001 Some infos in the Do's and Don'ts list and FFE-Midis in the downloadsection were included.
Unfortunately,my domain was deleted anyhow :-(
Since today,the page is completely (slightly extended) online again.
23.08.2001 Integrated Do's and Don'ts List. Nothing in there...yet.
20.08.2001 I'm currently trying to get an unfinished version of Elite-The New Kind.
I'm also working on a massive re-design of the Site,which shall replace the current "made in 3 hours" version.
New features will be:Musicdownload,Picture,Joblist,etc.
I do also think about extending the deadline for the projectgoals.
07.08.2001 Projectgoals-list slightly updated.
04.08.2001 The Current-Analysis will be splitted into two parts:
1. Technical Info - Resolutions,General Midi or not...
2. Do's and Don'ts list-What we can do,and what we should let during the port. Die IST-Analyse wird in zwei Teile geteilt werden:
1. Technische Infos-Welche Auflösungen,GeneralMidi oder nicht..
2. Do's und Don'ts-Liste-Was wir dürfen,was wir lassen sllten beim Port.
25.07.2001 Two days ago,I started with the Current Analysis.
Furthermore a new page is online:The wishlist.
In this list are all suggestions,which will NOT be in the first e\version of the port,maybe in later updates or patches.
22.07.2001 I'm starting with the current state analysis(about the sources,etc.) within the next few weeks(until the 31st of August) .
19.07.2001 I put the Work in Progress version of the projectgoals onto the site.
Ich habe heute die vorläufigen Projektziele auf die Seite gepackt.
Comments,Tips and suggestions,please until the 31st of August 2001 to my mail adress.
18.07.2001 Yesterday,I've started with the definition of the projectgoals.
13.07.2001 I'm going to start with planning the project within the next 2 weeks.
Every single step will be documented on this website,and everyone can participate with tips and suggestions.
The first step will be the definition of the projectgoals.That means,everyything,what will be in the first version.